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Highlighting the excellence of French scientific and industrial expertise.

INES is a member of internationally renowned groups and organizations for solar development and energy transition.

Its collaborations with European and international, industrial, academic and institutional players demonstrate every day the role of INES for the development of solar energy in France and worldwide. 
More than 30% of the funding received by INES today comes from international industrial or institutional partners.

With more than 6,000 visitors per year, it is also a great showcase of the excellence of French scientific and industrial expertise.

Involvement for the field

International Cooperation

INES participates in the major cooperation programs initiated by the French government. 
It is the technical representative of France within the ISA-International Solar Alliance, and contributes to its STAR-C program for capacity building in training, testing and research. It supports the network of UNIDO centers in the creation of their solar academies, starting with EACREEE in East Africa and PCREEE in the Pacific.

3 key partnerships have highlighted 2018-2019 to support cooperation between India and France.

  • Collaboration agreement with NISE (National Institute of Solar Energy)
  • Tripartite agreement with SECI (Solar Energy Corporation of India) and Blue Solutions (Bolloré Group)
  • Partnership with the industrial firm Vikram, which has a production capacity of 1 GW of photovoltaic panels in India.

INES is creating tools to support the solar energy sectors in the ISA-International Solar Alliance countries.

An iconic project in Chile

ATAMOSTEC (Atacama Module and System Technology) is a private-public initiative supported by CORFO, the Chilean Economic Development Agency. The consortium, created in 2017, seeks to develop technologies for the photovoltaic solar energy industry, specially designed for high radiation and desert conditions.

INES is co-executing the project, alongside the ISC Konstanz and the FRAUNHOFER ISE.

More about ATAMOSTEC project

A support in the Member States

A decentralized solar resource center for advice, pedagogical support and testing in rural areas is being set up in Casamance (Senegal).

Commissioned by the Bignona departmental council, an energy diagnostic was carried out in July 2019 by teams from INES, Electriciens Sans Frontières and Pays de Savoie Solidaires to propose solutions to the energy bottlenecks observed.

Learn more about CASASOL project

European Collaboration

Since 2014, INES has participated in 91 European projects representing a funding of 19 M€ for the institute over the period. 

>>CORDIS, the European Commission's research and development information service, is highlighting 10 EU-funded projects in the framework of Horizon 2020, projects that are either ongoing or have just been completed, which address the technical and scientific challenges facing solar energy today. INES is a partner in 5 of its 10 flagship projects that are bringing solar energy to Europe. 

Ongoing European projects

To co-develop an international project

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