European Centre of Excellence in Vocational Education in Microelectronics

The ECoVEM project works to develop skills in microelectronics in Europe through cooperation, awareness raising and also through innovative training.

ECoVEM responds to the need for synergy between the training sector and the world of work.

The consortium is composed of European training organizations and industrialists.

Their objective: to promote the development of skills for new jobs in microelectronics.

In this respect, 3 main actions are defined in the project in order to develop and relocate the microelectronics industry in Europe:

  • develop innovative training in the field of microelectronics,
  • to promote to political decision-makers the interest of a financial investment in the means allocated to professional training,
  • to ensure the support of the industrialists of this sector for the training within their companies.

The role of INES Plateforme Formation & Evaluation is to :

  • create training courses for technicians and engineers in the photovoltaic industry (scientific improvement, technological advances and advanced industrial manufacturing of PV cells and modules)
  • facilitate cooperation between microelectronics stakeholders: training organizations, industrialists and public authorities

Training programs for the EcoVEM project

List and presentation of all courses developed in the framework of ECoVEM project by all the project partners

3 main advanced technical trainings developed by INES-PFE

Duration of each course: 1 to 2 days, depending on the level

The program can be tailored and the level ajusted by combining the different modules of the ECOVEM training

Exploration of the scientific and technological fundamentals of each fabrication step of PV cells and modules, from polysilicon raw material to module accelerated ageing and field results.

Theory and application of the latest research and industrial results, with particular emphasis on innovations and developments in the short and medium terms.

Project funded by Europe, Erasmus+ program

Financed and promoted through the ECoVEM European project (Grant Agreement n° 620101-EPP-1-2020-1-BG-EPPKA3-VET-COVE)

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Duration of the project

  • Start Date: December 2020
  • End date: October 2024


Jean-François LELIEVRE, PhD
Engineer & Technical Trainer in Photovoltaics

ECOVEM project manager

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