ECoVEM - Programme ERASMUS+

European Centre of Excellence in Vocational Education in Microelectronics

Microelectronics is the fastest growing science in society and continuing education is crucial.

ECoVEM addresses the need for a new partnership between education and work to meet the need for synergy between education and industry, to foster the development of skills, technological and non-technical competencies for new jobs in microelectronics.

The ECoVEM project brings together VET (Vocational Education and Training) centers, polytechnics, industry partnerships and social partners to create a platform for European cooperation of professional excellence in microelectronics to address the challenges of digitization, artificial intelligence, green technologies, gender equality and technology, and the integration of migrants.

ECoVEM implements innovative pedagogical approaches towards the lifelong capacity for self-regulation of learning, technical and general skills using theoretical models based on ecosystems and performance support systems.

The role of INES PFE is to develop and offer innovative programs focusing on both technical key competences; to develop innovative teaching and learning tools and methods, making full use of digital technologies; to develop a transnational modular training offer to facilitate the mobility of learners, trainers, teachers, professionals, as well as recognition at national and transnational levels; Combine standards and certification offers for the reinforcement of skills and requalification for skills anticipation; evaluate and update the skills needs of actors in the solar sector; disseminate the results of projects in the field of microsystems design and manufacturing in France.


Partners: Technical University of Sofia, Bulgarian Industrial Association, Student Computer Art Society, MASHO EOOD, J-ArtEck Jugendbilddungsstätte e.V., SEMI Europe GmBH, Technical University Berlin, EXOLAUNCH GMBH, IAL Innovazione Apprendimiento Lavoro Friuli Venezi, COMET SCRL, INES PFE, Pôle SCS, ANCCP, CEPYME, Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia, Cyprus Productivity Centre, Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Romit Ltd.

Starting date: Decembre 2020

Ending date: Octobre 2024

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