Sun4All, a Europen project

l’Institut National de l’Energie Solaire (INES Plateforme Formatoin & Evaluation) is part of the Sun4All european Project. INES contributes its skills in technical expertise, communication and project coordination.

What is Sun4All?

Sun4All  is an innovative project of the “Horizon 2020” programme funded by the European Union, which aims at making renewable energy more accessible!

For (eligible) European citizens, participation in the project is free of charge, as it is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 (research and innovation) programme.

The innovative Sun4All support scheme will be tested in four pilot locations in Europe: Almada (PT), Barcelona (ES), Coeur de Savoie (FR) and Rome (IT). As part of the project, eligible households, together with local authorities and organisations, are invited to take joint actions to facilitate access to renewable energy and to improve energy consumption habits at home. Sun4All will thereby help participating families to effectively lower their energy costs.

The participating citizens will receive…

  • free access to economic benefits of power production through local photovoltaic installations
  • advice and training on energy efficiency measures and energy management at home
  • the possibility to participate in workshops to learn more about energy bills
  • an energy efficiency starter kit for their home
  • the possibility to visit photovoltaic installations

The objective will then be to analyze this experiment, before adapting it and replicating it in other European territories.

Review of the 1st year of implementation

Access the report

The Sun4All concept

Sun4All is intended to remain a permanent program beyond 2024 to help reduce precarious energy situations in Europe by promoting active citizenship and creating inclusive community energy environments. There are plans to replicate and expand the program in at least 10 other European cities and to plan it in other cities and regions to make it a consolidated project in Europe.

Find out more about the SUN4ALL project in this video

  • presentation of INES PFE's project and actions in collaboration with the Coeur de Savoie Community of Communes, by Xavier Bouvier, Sun4All project manager for INES PFE (from 00:00 to 5:53)
  • testimonial from a beneficiary of the Coeur de Savoie programme (from 5:53 to 6:68)


ECOSERVEIS (Espagne), ICLEI European Secretariat GMBH (Danemark), Agència Local d'Energia de Barcelona (Espagne), Camara Municipal de Almada (Portugal), Agencia Municipal de Energia de Almada (Portugal), Roma Capitale (Italie), Université Degli Studi Di Roma La Sapienza (Italie), Universitetet I Stavanger (Norvège), Institut Jacques Delors-Notre Europe (France), Communauté de Communes Cœur de Savoie (France) et INES Plateforme Formation & Evaluation (France).

Find out more about the project

Sun4All website

Learn more about the implementation

in Coeur de Savoie region

And find the comic book « Le destin d’Emma », produced for the project and its beneficiaries:

PROGRAMME N°  H2020-LC-SC3-2018-2019-2020 / LC-SC3-EC-2-2018-2019-2020        
Grant Agreement Number : 101032239

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