GoPV Project

The European H2020 GOPV -GLOBAL project OPTIMIZATION OF INTEGRATED PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEM FOR LOW ELECTRICITY COST, these are six major European industrial companies (Enel Green Power, 3Sun, Mondragon Assembly, Convert Italia, Refu, GXC Coatings) and five internationally renowned R&D institutes (CEA, Tecnalia, Leitat, CSR, EPFL) are joining forces to develop an innovative PV system that will allow to reach an electricity cost as low as 0.02 €/kWh (in Southern Europe with a reference irradiation level of 1900 kWh/m²/year).
The four-year project started in April 2018.
INES PFE's mission is to organize 2 training sessions for researchers and PhD students on an international scale as well as 2 international symposia. The first session was held in the fall of 2020.

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