JUSTAIR is an ADEME-funded project aimed at developing and testing tools to guide those involved in the renovation of individual homes in choosing the best ventilation strategy, and ensuring quality design and installation.

It is an ambitious project dealing with ventilation, air change rates, renovation, good practice, indoor air quality (IAQ) and energy efficiency.


Energy renovation work in residential property, such as changing the windows and doors or adding insulation, has an impact on air transfer through the building envelope. For each project, therefore, the entire ventilation system needs to be addressed and adapted to protect the building (against condensation, for instance), ensure comfort in winter and summer, improve indoor air quality for occupants and control energy consumption.

However, those involved in renovation lack a technical reference system to guide them in this essential task:

  • Which ventilation system should they choose, depending on the characteristics of the existing building, the climate and the price?
  • What is the best way to install the system's components?
  • What performance criteria should be targeted and what thresholds should be respected?

JUSTAIR aims to provide answers to all these questions.


  • An initial phase of collecting experience feedback from building professionals and local authorities involved in energy renovation in a selection of pilot areas will provide an overview of ventilation in France.
  • Once the relevant ventilation strategies for renovation have been identified, a methodology for assessing their " global " performance will be developed according to various criteria, in particular indoor air quality, the condensation risks for the building, heating requirements and electricity consumption.
  • This methodology will then enable the overall performance of different ventilation strategies to be assessed more accurately, using modelling and a scale 1 experimentation phase on one of the INCAS houses at INES.

The work and results will be shared through various seminars and publications with key players in the field (building professionals, local authorities) and the European and international scientific community, all the way up to the drafting of a white paper, in autumn 2025, aimed at public decision-makers, to publicise the obstacles, tools and proposals.

A mirror group, made up of local partners from the pilot areas and national partners active in the field, will be responsible for ensuring that the proposals are both technically and practically relevant, and for providing an advisory opinion on the work carried out.


This project, selected in the 2022 call for research projects entitled "Towards Responsible Buildings", is funded by ADEME and supported by the Valence Romans Agglo and Maconnais Sud Bourgogne local authorities. It is labellised by the Fibres-Energivie competitiveness cluster.

The partnership brings together the scientific, technological and application skills of a public industrial and commercial establishment (CEA), a public administrative establishment (Cerema) and a company with expertise in energy renovation (Dorémi).

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