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Published on 03/20/2024

March 19 marked an important event for the Sun4All project, with a study visit involving the project's European partners and the participation of local authorities considering joining the initiative in the short term.

A great sunny day at INES!

The day was punctuated by presentations of solar initiatives in the Cœur de Savoie Communauté de Communes region, the actions put in place as part of the SUN4ALL project, and the involvement of OPAC SAVOIE in the programme.

There was also time for discussion on renewable energy and fuel poverty, highlighting the challenges and opportunities specific to each region.

Finally, visits to the Chavanne photovoltaic power plant and the CEA laboratories at INESin synergy with the European ECOVEM project, were a highlight of the day.

🌞 Thank you for your participation:

Marie-Claire Barbier, President of the INES, expressed her support for the project and the initiatives that will result from it in the Savoie region.

Béatrice Santais, President of the Cœur de Savoie Community of Communes, is helping to ensure that Sun4all is successfully implemented in the region.

  • Communauté de communes Cœur de Savoie: Béatrice Santais (President), Rémy Saint Germain, Bénédicte LEFRANC, Sebastien Eyraud, Cléa Verdot
  • INES: Marie Claire BARBIER (President INES) Xavier Bouvier, Pierre Besson, Jean-François LELIEVRE
  • Gran Paradiso (Italy, Valle d'Aosta) : Mauro LUCIANAZ (Chairman), Firmino Thérisod, Marlène Domaine, Danielle Olmi, Claudia Zolla, Sylvie Chaussod, Roger Tonetti
  • Engreen, service providers for the municipality of Sezze (Italy): Francesco Roncallo, Tommaso Ferrucci
  • Junta de Freguesia do Lumiar / Lumiar civil Parish (Lisbon district, Portugal): Luís Kee
  • OPAC de Savoie: Mariane VITTOZ

Among the local authorities invited:

  • Grand Chambéry Urban Community (France): Manuel Dahinden
  • Municipality of La Plagne-Tarentaise (France): Jean-louis Silvestre (Mayor) and Christian Vibert

The Sun4All Project is part of the European Union's Horizon 2020 programme.

Its main objective is to help reduce fuel poverty in Europe by promoting active citizenship and creating inclusive community energy environments.

INES is working with the Communauté de Communes Cœur de Savoie, alongside the European cities of Rome, Barcelona and Almada, to pilot this programme.

Find out more about the European Sun4All project

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