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Published on 03/22/2022

The University Savoie Mont Blanc provides a new international integrated Master/PhD program called Solar Academy.
The Solar Academy combines practice and theory in the areas of solar and building physics, scientific computing, material science, economics, law, sociology architecture and urban planning. The outstanding students in this graduate school will acquire a solid background in various topics in solar energy, ranging from fundamental to applied sciences, allowing them to build a successful career in R&D sectors.

The mission of the Solar Academy is to become a national and international leader in scientific research, engineering, business, economy and law for a model of low-carbon distributed generation and consumption.

Central to its organization is a multidisciplinary approach to enable the large-scale utilization of the solar energy resource.

Between February and May 2022, multiple dissemination and training seminars will take place on «international energy policies, markets and research ». Around 30 master’s students, PhD students, professors and researchers have attended the session held by the Institut National de l’Energie Solaire – Plateforme Formation & Evaluation (INES PFE).

On the 22nd March 2022, INES PFE has presented how INES PFE’s national and international represent a threefold opportunity for:

  • Building bridges with both national and international energy policies
  • Working in close collaboration between public and private stakeholders
  • Moving towards a faster and fairer development of solar energy

SUN4ALL has been one of the main European projects presented. The issue that has sparked the most debate has been understanding how solar energy can alleviate energy poverty through local energy communities. The business case of the French pilot has been presented to exemplify the interactions between national and regional public and private actors.

Likewise, as a result of the seminar, INES PFE has offered attendees the possibility of participating in events and training sessions organized within the framework of SUN4All.

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