ENEL Green power's 3SUN Gigafactory for heterojunction photovoltaic cells and modules in Europe

Published on 11/25/2021

ENEL Green Power's TANGO project is the winner of the European Commission's Innovation Fund for large-scale projects. It will increase production from 200 MW/year to 3 GW/year of bifacial heterojunction photovoltaic modules at the 3SUN plant in Catania, Italy. 

The innovative bifacial heterojunction technology guarantees superior performance compared to conventional modules, thanks to the intrinsic characteristics of the advanced bifacial structure that allows maximizing energy production while minimizing the cost of electricity (LCOE) in utility-scale installations. In addition, the project aims to enable the application of the tandem structure to heterojunction solar cells, in order to overcome the theoretical limit of silicon and achieve conversion efficiencies beyond 30%.

TANGO will provide European technological leadership in the field of next generation photovoltaic cells and modules, and a positive impact on the whole photovoltaic value chain.

CEA at INES is partner of ENEL Green Power on heterojunction technology since 2015.

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