Massifying the construction of positive energy houses

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Published on 04/06/2021

Comepos is an acronym for 'Optimised Design and Construction of Positive Energy Houses', a large-scale project that evaluated the energy impact and carbon footprint of different prototypes of positive energy houses. It allowed experimenting, monitoring and analysing the performance of new solutions for different construction methods, climates and lifestyles of the inhabitants. Energy efficiency is nowadays, along with the question of comfort in the home, one of the major concerns of the French. It goes hand in hand with people's growing concern for the environmental footprint.

Ahead of the regulations, 22 experimental houses have been built, supporting numerous experiments, enabling builders to design a range of single-family houses that are as energy and carbon efficient as possible, accessible to all and, above all, that can be built on a massive scale.

The COMEPOS project, financed with the support of ADEME as part of the French Plan d'Investissement d'Avenir, took place over 8 years and brought together some thirty partners.

The monitoring of the experimental houses will continue as part of the work of the ITE INES.2S (financed by the Plan d'Investissement d'Avenir ANR-10-IEED-0014-01) in order to refine the results and the management strategies and to contribute to the roadmap towards smart cities.

Following the demonstrators carried out during the project, the large-scale development of this type of house is expected, first by the various partner builders in the project, and then in the longer term by all the members of the Union des Maisons Françaises.

CEA INES, the project coordinator, congratulates and warmly thanks all the project partners:  ADEME, Pôle Habitat FFB, the 4 CNRS laboratories (G2ELab, G-SCOP, I2M, LOCIE), ARMINES, CSTB, Pouget Consultants, Contructeurs et Aménageurs, Maisons Pierre, Mas de Provence, Maisons Hanau, Extraco, Chamois Constructeurs, IGC, TradiMaisons, Maisons Trecobat, Maisons France Confort, ATLANTIC, SAINT-GOBAIN, VELUX, VICAT, Delta Dore, Vesta-System, and the invited companies, K-Line, Ventilairsec, and Renson

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