IPVF and the CEA at INES are joining forces to develop a high-efficiency photovoltaic cell that can be industrialized.

Published on 05/18/2020

IPVF and CEA at INES, have launched a joint program in the field of photovoltaics.

The aim of this collaboration called "Tandem Made in France" is to accelerate the development of cells combining perovskite materials with silicon heterojunction technology to create a high efficiency tandem device transferable to industrial scale.
By promoting exchanges between IPVF and CEA-INES, two institutes with complementary skills, this three-year joint program will accelerate the development of French technology that should achieve a 30% efficiency. The aim is to manufacture a tandem Perovskite on Silicon cell with two high efficiency terminals using processes compatible with industrial production.

IPVF and CEA at INES have developed significant know-how in the field of perovskite synthesis and deposition processes and their integration into photovoltaic devices.

For example, CEA achieved a record efficiency of more than 20% on the scale of an 11 cm² mini-module in December 2019. IPVF, for its part, achieved a 15% efficiency on 25 cm².

Finally, CEA at INES is one of the pioneers in the development of heterojunction silicon cells, one of the most interesting technologies for coupling with perovskites. In January 2020, its teams succeeded in producing heterojunction cells demonstrating an efficiency of 24.63% on industrial equipment that can produce 2,400 cells per hour.

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