SPECIAL PV Workshop - November 23rd - 24th

Space Photovoltaics for Energy Conversion in extra-terrestrIAL environment

  • From 11/23/2021 to 11/24/2021
  • Free of charge

Since Vanguard 1 satellite, the first spacecraft to use solar panels back in 1958, space photovoltaics (PV) have been strongly improved from the initial single junction low efficiency silicon solar cells to the high efficiency III-V compound multi-junction solar cells. For such specific space applications, the driving force is still the long-term reliability, particularly considering radiation resistance, while improving the conversion efficiency and increasing the power-to-mass ratio. However, space conquest is currently intensified with new applications to become reality, such as satellite constellations, and overall costs have to be minimized in the course of space PV standardization.

2 half days – Online (2-6 pm-CET). Free of charge, compulsory registration.

The 1st edition of the SPECIAL PV Workshop will focus on PV cells and arrays designed for space applications with the latest research and industrial results presented by highly skilled experts of the field. Four sessions and one round table will take place virtually during two half-days, addressing the latest research topics of Space PV cell & arrays manufacturing, as well as their reliability and durability through indoor accelerated ageing tests and thermo-mechanical simulations.

This workshop provides an informal, unclassified, international forum for the exchange of ideas and information on space photovoltaic cells and arrays. Addressed to researchers, industrials, academics and students. Free of charge.

Due to the COVID situation uncertainty, this 1st edition will be an online-only event.

Full programme

Full programme here

​​​​​​​Session topics

1 |High efficiency III-V solar cells 

2 |Advanced concepts for radiation hardness

3 | III-V solar arrays for space applications

4 | Towards standardization of Space PV: Reliability, durability and low cost

5 | Roundtable: Defining the R&D priorities to answer space PV industrial challenges

With the support of

This event is financed and promoted through the ECoVEM European project which aims at establishing a transnational cooperation platform of Centres of Vocational Excellence in Microelectronics working on the synergies between both the education and industrial sectors by fostering the development of technological and entrepreneurial skills for the new jobs in microelectronics, including photovoltaics. This project has received funding from the European Union’s ERASMUS+ programme (Grant Agreement n° 620101-EPP-1-2020-1-BG-EPPKA3-VET-COVE).

The RadHard European project co-coordinates the SPECIAL PV Workshop. The RadHard consortium aims to combine the most radiation hard III-V materials to form a highly efficient four-junction space solar cell via direct wafer bonding. RadHard receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme (Grant Agreement n°EU/821876).

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