Roundtable: the skills and attractiveness of microelectronics

October 13th 2022-Grenoble (France)-Free registration

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Publié le 30/08/2022

Roundtable: “The skills and attractiveness of microelectronics:  meeting the needs of the European market through initial and continuous vocational training

Thursday 13th October, 2022
2 p.m. - 6.30 p.m.

at INP - Grenoble Institute of Engineering and Management
Amphithéâtre Bergès – ground floor GreEn-ER building- 21 avenue des Martyrs - Grenoble (France)

A collaborative approach

Both the adequacy of skills to market expectations and the attractiveness of professions are major challenges faced by the microelectronics industry in Europe nowadays.  Aiming to face this challenge, the European project ECoVEM (European Centre of Vocational Excellence in Microelectronics)  is driving a collaborative approach to bring together the needs of professionals, the vocational training offer and the willingness of Europe to support the microelectronics sector.

As part of this project, INES Training and Expertise Department is organizing a round table on “the skills and attractiveness of microelectronics: - meeting the needs of the European market through initial and continuous vocational training ". This round table will not only make it possible to identify -together with companies- the needs closely related to skills in microelectronics, but also compare them with the initial and vocational training offer. Finally, the closing discussion on the political agendas will lead to proposals for action which meet the requirements of this strategic sector.

This event is part of the European project ECoVEM (“European Center of Vocational Excellence in Microelectronics”), co-funded by the ERASMUS+ program of the European Union. ECoVEM aims to set up a European center of professional excellence in microelectronics (cooperation platform) allowing the feedback to European level of initiatives in the field of professional training in microelectronics.

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