Tools to reduce the carbon impact of heat and cold production in industry

FriendSHIP Project

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Published on 07/11/2023

The FriendSHIP project is developing a solution to reduce the carbon impact of industrial heat and cold consumers.

INES Plateforme Evaluation & Formation, a partner in the Friendship project, has produced teaching aids (videos) on each of the technological building blocks implemented as part of the Friendship project.

Available for free access, these videos have been produced to help understand the different technologies developed in the context of the FRIENDSHIP project.
They are intended for industrialists, researchers and any team working at the heart of industrial processes, with the aim of reducing the carbon impact of heat and cold production.

Animated diagram of the FriendSHIP solution

To get an overview of the FriendSHIP solution with the animated diagram

Diagram of the FriendSHIP solution. Each component is detailed in a dedicated video hereunder

Heat production

Understand how to produce heat using a hybrid solution combining solar thermal energy and a high-temperature heat pump to produce low-carbon heat up to 200°C.

Collaborating partners:

Heat storage

Understand how high-temperature heat storage works with phase-change materials. This thermal storage enables both solar heat and waste heat from industrial processes to be stored.

Consortium member working on Thermal Storage: CEA Liten

Cold production

Understand how to produce cold down to -20°C from heat. An ammonia-water absorption machine has been developed for this technology.

Absorption machine: CEA Liten (CEA at INES)

Next steps

A demonstrator is currently being installed at CEA Grenoble, and will be commissioned in 2024.

More about

Access all the educational and technical videos produced as part of the Friendship project.

Vidéos Friendship

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