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The photovoltaic module OPERASOL is getting its own production line

Research and innovation
Published on 07/12/2020

2CA, a specialist in composite materials, is finalizing the installation of its first production line for its ultra-light and custom-made OPERASOL photovoltaic module on its Arlanc site (63). This technology, designed in partnership with the CEA at INES, is targeting constrained applications such as the space and defence sector.

Since 2014, 2CA, a company from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, has been developing the OPERASOL photovoltaic module in partnership with the CEA teams at INES.

This partnership, initiated within the framework of RAPID - the DGA's innovation financing scheme, has made it possible to develop an innovative technology of high-performance, tailor-made lightweight modules made of composite material, enabling a weight saving of 70% and a space saving of 64%. CEA's expertise provided 2CA with technology transfer, staff training, monitoring and support for the industrialisation of the product.

The collaboration is evolving in order to prepare future generations of the OPERASOL product.

Since 2019, this project is part of the ITE INES.2S of which 2CA is one of the founding members.

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