PIN Tandem Si/PK cell measuring 5x5 cm - 9 cm² active area
Crédits : CEA - CHERPIN

Tandem Perovskite-Silicon: new efficiency record at 28.7% for a 9 cm² cell

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Published on 06/19/2024

Together with our partner 3SUN, in the race to improve new-generation tandem perovskite-on-silicon solar photovoltaic technology,  we have set a new certified conversion efficiency record and reached 28.7% for a 9 cm² cell after shading correction. 

Up and up and up... In 2023, we previously announced 26.5% in March, 27.1% in June and  28.4% in December for the same type of PIN 2-terminal tandem cell. For those in the field, these devices have a Voc of over 1900 mV.

We're talking here about cells with an active surface area of around 9 cm², when most international efficiency records are set for a surface area of 1 cm². Our teams are looking for the best efficiency, of course, and stability over time, and on larger surfaces, for industrialization as soon as possible.

3SUN (ENEL GreenPower Group), Europe's 1st gigafactory, will open its new production lines for high-efficiency heterojunction silicon photovoltaic panels in Sicily this year. The plant will then have a capacity of 3GW, including cell production and panel assembly.

* certified  by the European Commission Center JRC-ESTI

Credits: PIN Tandem Si/PK cell measuring 5x5 cm - 9 cm² active area
PIN Tandem Si/PK cell measuring 5x5 cm - 9 cm² active area

Perovskite tandem photovoltaic cells on silicon? We explain

Perovskite (PK) materials have been exciting the scientific and industrial solar community since 2012, when their photovoltaic properties were first discovered. By combining them with a material such as silicon (Si), they open the way to low-cost conversion efficiencies of over 30%.

This combination is called 'tandem'.  Scientific and technical progress is rapid in this field, with the world record currently at 33.9% (on 1cm²). 

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