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Episode 1

Published on 03/16/2021

Discover the personalities, ideas and technologies that inspire INES researchers, trainers and partners every day.
Through a mini-series composed of 4 episodes, we will propose our vision of the changes and revolutions taking place in the world of energy.
This involves in particular innovations and industrial opportunities.

We will introduce different actors: a researcher, one of INES' partners and a public commentator.

Today is our first episode: NEW ERA Solar photovoltaic energy is emerging as a major energy source that will continue to surprise you.

  • Episode 2 will focus on the following topic: Solar energy combines with storage solutions and other energy sources to meet the needs.
  • Episode 3 will provide our vision on : High efficiency photovoltaic technologies are changing the competitive game
  • Episode 4 will answer our vision on : The energy revolution marries the digital revolution

Produced in collaboration with ©Melted

A press kit is available for download here

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