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SPIDER un outil inédit de modélisation de système électrique

Research and innovation
Published on 12/16/2018

Electric system modeling: SPIDER a unique tool

The development of renewable energies raises major challenges in terms of their integration into electricity grids. Research is therefore necessary to design intelligent systems that take into account the notions of self-consumption, storage and control of this energy.

The CEA teams at INES have developed a simulation platform called SPIDER which enables the modelling of the energy system as a whole: the physical components (PV, storage, building, network, etc.), the information and communication system and the energy manager. SPIDER also allows to interface with predictive control in order to optimize energy according to consumption and production forecasts. It thus makes it possible to dimension the photovoltaic self-consumption rate of a building via the addition of storage and piloting in an optimal way. The tool enables the development of "on-board" energy management strategies to be deployed in the field.

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