INES is conducting an acceptability study with industry on the FRIENDSHIP solution

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Published on 01/11/2023

Reduce the carbon impact of heat production in the industrial sector, while increasing its energy independence: these are the ambitions of the FRIENDSHIP project.

This H2020 European project is aiming to develop a solution combining:

  • A solar thermal collector field with a high temperature heat pump for the production of renewable heat up to 200°C,
  • A combined high-density thermal storage,
  • An absorption chiller for cold production down to -20°C (-40°C in the long term).

A demonstrator of this solution called SHIP200 will be installed at CEA Grenoble in 2023.

Take part of the project study

Within the framework of the development of this new solution, INES invites industrialists from sectors such as chemicals, metallurgy, wood, plastics and textiles to join the project by responding to a study on the potential integration of the solution in their industrial processes.

I participate to the study

See how FRIENDSHIP works and how essential it is to focus on decarbonising heat in the industrial sector

Find all current and future videos on the project

Go to the project website to see all the videos

Lire l'article de "Techniques de l'ingénieur" du 16 février 2023

Follow the link

to contact a FriendSHIP project referent

Technical expert: Pierre DURY 

Project manager :Xavier Bouvier

FRIENDSHIP est un projet financé par le programme de recherche et d'innovation Horizon 2020 de l'Union européenne, coordonné par @CEA-Liten dans le cadre de la convention de subvention n° 884213.

En savoir plus sur le projet FriendShip

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