HELIUP Julien GAUME, CTO of HELIUP with lightweight STYKON panel for flat roofs (5 kg/m²)
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HELIUP - 1st fund-raising round of 10 million euros

Ultra-light panels for large industrial and commercial roofs

Research and innovation
Published on 10/10/2023

After over two years of R&D, Heliup is bringing ultra-light, simple-to-install photovoltaic panels to market. These panels are adapted to the structural limits of metal-framed buildings, a potential market of 500 million sq.m. in France.

Rooftops of commercial buildings are not compatible with conventional photovoltaic panels, weighing 15 kg/m2 including the mounting structure. Heliup has lifted this limitation thanks to its innovation, reducing weight by more than 60% while maintaining equivalent levels of profitability (€/MWh).

Only 5 kg per m² added to roof tops

When installed, Heliup photovoltaic panels for flat roofs weigh 5 kg/m², compared with 15 kg/m² for installations using conventional panels.

The weight saving is achieved by replacing the aluminum frame and thick glass (3.2 mm) with ultra-thin glass that preserves the mechanical and physico-chemical protection of the photovoltaic cells. The challenge is to use such a component while maintaining the same level of guarantees, especially resistance to hail.

This innovation is protected by 2 CEA patents for which Heliup holds an exclusive license. The panels are in the process of being certified, and scale 1 projects will take place in the last quarter of 2023. 

Successful fund-raising of 10 million euros

The start-up will market its products in the second half of 2023 to major players in the building and energy sectors. It is collaborating in R&D with CEA and ITE INES.2S to optimize its panels, assess their performance, qualify new materials and conduct life-cycle analyses.

In the autumn, Heliup will install its first pilot production line at its premises in Le Bourget du Lac, close to INES, and has just successfully completed its first round of financing, raising 10 million euros, including 4.5 million euros in equity, from financial players and the construction sector.

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Article dated October 6, 2023
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