G2SOLAIRE - Solar cadastre of Grand Geneva

Collaborative platform for the use and development of solar energy

Published on 06/21/2020

The G2SOLAIRE project aims to provide the means to intensify the use of solar energy, generate economic activities around the solar sector and ultimately contribute to achieving the objectives of energy transition in a context of urban densification.

This INTERREG France-Switzerland program, with a budget of 867 k€ for a duration of 2 years is divided into 2 parts with the following objectives:

Technical component: cross-border academic collaboration for the development of a solar cadastre at the cutting edge of innovation on the scale of Greater Geneva.
Institutional component: dissemination and appropriation of the solar cadastre among the target actors in the region.
The realization of these two components will be based on actions carried out on the scale of pilot districts representative of different environments built on both sides of the border, which will allow, according to the different phases of the project :

  • Evaluate the effect of the urban micro-climate on solar irradiation and the production of solar panels and define calculation rules in order to build the solar cadastre on the scale of Greater Geneva.
  • To evaluate and test the integration of solar energy in heritage constrained environments;
  • To plan solar energy as part of new development programs and, where appropriate, guide urban planning;
  • To develop pilot solar projects that favor self-consumption in a collective framework;
  • To test and compare (between France and Switzerland) economic and legal models related to solar installations.

On the basis of these pilot experiments, the recommendations and tools can be generalized at the scale of Greater Geneva.

The Swiss partners of this project:

HES SO Genève / HEPIA, arx iT, Etat de Genève (OCEN, Grand Genève, SSIG), Services industriels genevois (SIG), Région de Nyon, Etat de Vaud (DIREN)

The French partners of this project:

Université Savoie Mont-Blanc (LOCIE/FRESBE), Université Claude Bernard Lyon (CEHTIL), Institut national d’énergie solaire (INES-PFE), Pôle métropolitain du Genevois, CAUE-74, INNOVALES, TERRINOV, ENEDIS

The INES Plateforme Formation & Evaluation contributes, with the support of its partners, to the missions of the institutional component.

The solar cadastre that will be produced will offer an effective solar potential on the agglomeration taking into account not only the incident solar potential on the territory but also the opportunities for self-consumption of the energy produced according to the framework conditions and economic models, the capacities of the electrical networks to inject the current produced, issues such as heritage and others.

The expected results of the project are

  • The elaboration of the solar cadastre
  • Support for the development of solar installation pilot projects
  • Communication and training actions for target audiences
  • A cross vision of regulations between France and Switzerland

Access to the Solar Cadastre

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