Enel Green Power and CEA INES improve their record with 25.8% of efficiency on 9cm²

Tandem Perovskite-Silicium

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Published on 12/20/2022

The CEA at INES, in collaboration with ENEL Green Power and its subsidiary 3SUN in Catania, are developing the two-terminal perovskite-silicon tandem technology with the aim of achieving high efficiency devices that can be industrialized as soon as possible. A new record has just been obtained with a PIN-architecture cell at a conversion efficiency of 25.8% over 9 cm² with shading correction.

The device with an active area of 9 cm² has a Voc of over 1820 mV.

A previous record was achieved in April 2022 with a tandem PIN cell with a conversion efficiency of 24.9%, again on 9cm², Voc >1800 mV, with shading correction.

Perovskites (PK) have been exciting the scientific and industrial solar community since 2012 with the discovery of their photovoltaic properties. These materials represent an opportunity for a major technological jump, opening the way to conversion efficiencies of over 30%, with little additional cost, by combining them with a lower band-gap material such as silicon (Si).

The certified world record is currently held by EPFL/CSEM with 31.3% with a 1 cm2 device (https://www.nrel.gov/pv/assets/pdfs/cell-pv-eff-emergingpv-rev220630.pdf).

Credits: CEA

The race towards higher efficiency (over 30%) PIN architecture Si/PK tandem cells on large textured surfaces, ready for industrialization, still requires a lot of effort in the years to come.

Our joint R&D efforts are aimed to achieve better results soon with the integration of parallel improvements.

The development of the characterization of tandem cells is also a pre-requisite to improve the quantification of the optical performance of the device in a more reliable way.

It will then be a matter of transposing these results with compatible large-area deposition methods.

Credits: CEA
JV reverse et forward curves from record cell
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