COMEPOS - Optimized design and construction of POSitive Energy Homes

Published on 01/13/2019

COMEPOS is a large-scale project that evaluates the energy impact and carbon footprint of different positive energy house prototypes: construction methods, climate and lifestyle of the inhabitants are analysed and regularly monitored.

The analysis of the data collected over periods ranging from 1 year for the latest demonstrators to 4 years for the oldest for eighteen houses, provides feedback in terms of energy consumption, energy production and storage, indoor air quality and thermal comfort. The simulations carried out have also made it possible to address the carbon footprint and life cycle analysis, as well as the consistency between economic feasibility and environmental regulations. For example, it is clear that, while respecting each region and its environment, builders today know how to build zero- or near-zero energy homes, where air quality issues and the need for cooling for summer comfort put ventilation at the forefront.

The synthesis work is in progress. It will bring out all the lessons learned and feedback from this project, which took place over 7 years, in relation to the future RE2020 regulation. These results and the many lessons learned for new construction should make it possible to research and generalize solutions for renovation.

COMEPOS is a project supported by ADEME in the framework of the programme for low-carbon energy for future investments.

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