Building your way to the Smart Grid

Research and innovation
Published on 03/31/2020

Many local and regional players are rethinking their energy investment policy: production, distribution, consumption, etc. Research teams are contributing to this reflection thanks to a methodology that allows drawing up the roadmap that will guide everyone in these actions and investments.

The methodology makes it possible over a period of a few months, and by mixing the teams of local energy players and laboratories from INES, to identify the relevant Smart grid technologies in order to achieve the priority objectives defined for the given territory.

The aim is to classify the major strategic themes and associated objectives and then to identify the key technologies that will enable to achieve these objectives: renewable energy production, energy storage, control methods, new consumer services, and information systems. The joint work makes it possible to sequence the development programs for the key technologies and their deployment in order to obtain a multi-annual action and budgetary program, the roadmap towards smart grid.

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