Optimizing the performance and lifetime of batteries in order to limit their economic and ecological cost: this is the objective of this start-up, spin-off from CEA at INES, which is continuing to develop alongside major industrial groups.

    PowerUp's "M.A.P.®" technology enables a precise diagnosis of the state of health of lithium-ion batteries in real operating conditions and to adapt their charge accordingly, thanks to a detailed knowledge of the ageing mechanisms of these batteries. The acronym "M.A.P.®" stands for the three missions of the start-up:

    • Measuring: to establish precise, real-time diagnostics of the state of health of each battery.
    • Action: to adapt charging methods according to the diagnosis and the conditions of use of the batteries.
    • Predict: to facilitate remote supervision of battery fleets on a user interface and ensure predictive maintenance.

    The benefits? Reliable management and increased battery performance, with a service life that can be increased by 20% to 100%!

    Integrated in the form of products or software solutions, the technology responds to economic, ecological and reliability issues. The start-up specialized in B-to-B addresses various fields, both concerning backup batteries (UPS) and cycling batteries. Composed of a multidisciplinary team of 15 people (PhDs in electrochemistry, hardware, software or IT engineers), PowerUp works today with major French companies.

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