The growing difficulties to localize land for large scale ground based photovoltaic plants is encouraging the rapid growth of floating PV systems. This is why INES.2S, an R&D institute seeking solutions for the massive integration for photovoltaics, hosted a webinar on floating photovoltaics.

    The webinar has found an overwhelming resonance in the PV community: 180 experts from 22 countries participated. First-hand industrial experience has been provided by speakers from industry from Ciel&Terre, Innosea, EDP, and others. The webinar allowed the participants to identify unexplored opportunities and challenges that still need to be addressed, like on certification standards, reliability and bankability aspects as well as environmental safety.

    INES.2S is an institute for the energy transition focussing on technology development and transfer to industrial partners. Hosted by CEA, INES.2S integrates today four industrial players (CNR, Colas, Renault and 2CA) as well as the training platform of the Solar Innovation Campus INES and the University of Savoie Mont-Blanc. Support from CNR, Ciel&Terre, SER, ADEME, and the French Investment for the Future programme is gratefully acknowledged – as well for the organisation by INES.