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Practical guide book Recommendations for a Stand-alone solar streetlights project

Draft version – February 2019

This document is intended to be a guidebook handy for any kind of solar streetlight projects. It sheds light on the deemed most relevant practical recommendations. These recommendations are gathered in successive chapters consistent with the different stages of a project, from initial need assessment to final operation and performance evaluation, through the key stages of financing and implementation. The guidebook aims at giving everyone the opportunity to grab hold of repetitively validated practices, without seeking to be of universal use. Adaptation may be necessary depending on the conditions and the local environment.

The collective endeavor steams from a working group (*) gathering industrials, NGOs, and representatives of ministries, ADEME, and AFD, led by INES, National Institute of Solar Energy. The working stream met from September 2017 to June 2018. Evolution is yet to be brought about, as this document will evolve, and made available on the websites of the International Solar Alliance and INES. Toolkits will also be available online to can be used as templates for each step of a solar streetlight project. All comments and additional contributions can be addressed to:

(*) The working group was led by Solenn Anquetin and Philippe Malbranche (INES), as part of the Energy Transition Envelope Convention of the Ministry of the Environment, Energy and the Sea. (MMSE).
EDITORS : Rudy Belliard (Novea-Energies), Valentin Benoit (Energies pour le Monde Foundation), Arnaud Dubrac (AFD), Pierre Giraud and Hervé Gouyet (Electricians Without Borders), Bruno Lafitte (ADEME), Bastien Lanta (Fonroche), Colas Mauloubier ( UpOwa), and Stéphane Redon (Sunna-Design).
CONTRIBUTORS : Carré Product, the Commissariat for Alternative Energies (CEA), GRET, Lumila, Schneider Electric, the Renewable Energies Union (SER), Verteole.