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ERASMUS+ Knowledge Alliance "Microelectronics Cloud Alliance - MECA"

The ERASMUS+ Knowledge Alliance « Microelectronics Cloud Alliance – MECA«  brings together higher education institutions and small and medium enterprises to develop Cloud-based European infrastructure and organisation for education in microelectronics providing a range of open educational resources, remote access and sharing of educational and professional software, remote and practice-based learning facilities.

The partners will jointly develop e-learning courses on Computer-Aided-Design and technologies, test, and application of integrated circuits and systems, delivered as Open Educational Resources to strengthen the virtual mobility. Each university will provide remote access to its facilities, laboratory experiments/software systems for the partners in a cloud teaching system, giving them access to new resources.

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Impact of MECA project

on the students: highest quality of the specialised courses developed by the best departments in the field, the opportunity to train practical skills and competences with remote access to laboratories with advanced equipment and facilities.
for the teachers: rich infrastructure and new shared teaching materials,
for universities: the European dimensions in Higher Education : curricular development, virtual mobility of students and academic staff, integrated programs of study, training and research.
for the university-business alliance: education responsive to the labour market needs, graduated students prepared for the job, enterprises satisfied by the knowledge and skills of young specialists.

Contact : alain.guiavarch@ines-solaire.org