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International Solar Alliance

The International Solar Alliance (ISA) has been launched during COP21 by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and French President François Hollande. ISA Framework-Agreement has been opened for signature then ratification during COP 22. The Agreement sets up a coalition between the 121 solar-rich countries between the two Tropics, aiming at scaling up the large-scale roll-out of solar energy. Based on reliable affordable and tailored-to-needs solutions, the collaborative harmonization and aggregation of financial, technological and methodological demand will enable to address collectively the needs for affordable energy for all.
ISA founds the efficient and coordinated implementation of these above objectives on successive programs adopted by member-States on a voluntary basis. Five programmes have been launched so far : (1) “Affordable Finance at Scale”, (2) “Scaling Solar Applications for Agricultural Uses”, (3) “Solar Mini-Grids”, (4) “Scaling Rooftop Solar”, and (5) “Solar e-mobility”.

As part of France’s contribution to ISA, the French Ministry of Environment has appointed Philippe Malbranche, INES Director General, to become French Representative of the ISA programme “Scaling Solar Applications for Agricultural Uses” from May 2017 to May 2019.

This programme aims at facilitating the development of solar off-grid applications that are reliable, affordable, and customized to local needs. It has set up a 3-step methodology to address issues of low quality products irrelevant to specific needs inducing high operational costs, as well as shortcomings in the roll-out of know-how. The first step encompasses a thorough, widespread need assessment gathered on a digital platform. Such assessment will allow, as a second stage, to share and circulate good practices and common standards. The third step will feed onto these two phases to synchronize calls for tenders, project management and innovation transfers.

INES’ mission of Programme Representative embodies the development of such methodology and the resulting mobilization of both International and French off-grid stakeholders – bilateral and multilateral organizations, corporations, industries, civil society actors.

A first guide on solar streetlights is being finalized: presented at the BE Positive show in February 2019 in Lyon, comments will be received until March 10, 2019.


Download the Technical Guide book (english version)

Téléchargez le Guide pratique (version française)

The next two guides will deal with pumping and solar mobility.

Your organization is interested in getting further involved with the International Solar Alliance ? Feel free to contact Solenn Anquetin for additional information, request, or suggestion for action or event.
You can also find additional information on the ISA Official Website.